Checkpoint announces the Coping Companion

Get tips to deal with stress and anxiety, support charity, look at neat art!

Checkpoint, since its inception, has always been one of the leading charities for gamers, streamers, gaming communities and developers alike, with a strong focus on mental health and providing resources, raising awareness and improving the overall wellbeing of game loving communities in Australia and around the world. Their work is integral in the community and they offer great tips, resources and content, often times for free!

Now they’ve launched their newest product, the Coping Companion! The Coping Companion is a deck of over 50 cards, containing amazing illustrations from a variety of artists such as Ken Wong, Leonie Yue, Toby Allen and many more! As well as official game art from The Gardens Between, Flutter and Oshka!

The tips themselves are all evidence based ways of dealing with the stress and anxiety of every day life, as well as the more serious stuff like crisis, distress and panic symptoms. It takes from a variety of different methods, including cognitive behavior therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, behavioral activation and a bunch more fancy sounding names, so you know it’s legit!

The idea is you can go through the deck and pick out cards that are relevant to your situation, a way to learn new skills to cope with things or a reminder and enhancement for the coping skills you might already have. Some cards might offer new ways to look at a situation and others give you calming exercises to ground yourself with. Every single card has been designed with thought, love and the desire to help you through things so you come out safe, secure and feeling better in yourself.

The cards are all colour coded for your convenience, green are grounding and mindfulness, orange is everyday basics, blue is mindful mantras, light blue are thought exercises, and yellow is problem solving! Look at all those categories! Look at that efficiency in colour coding so you know exactly what to grab! The deck also comes with a neat guidebook which contain a few extra details on the tips so you can learn more about all the tools as well as finding out which artist was behind each card!

And if the art in particular is your thing, there’s a special purchase option of the deck that also comes with an artbook so you can admire the illustrations and sigh wistfully over the gorgeous art, which is what I’m doing right now from the previews of the cards alone.

The standard deck is $29.99AUD, which contains the 55 card deck, a fancy little box to store it in, and the guidebook. The artbook edition is $54.99AUD, and you can even buy the artbook separately for $32.99AUD.

All of this is available right now for purchase at Checkpoint’s website.

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