Prepare your palm for your face: Call of Duty tournament at RSL cancelled

The ABC recently shared news about a local Call of Duty tournament being cancelled. The tournament was meant to be held at a local RSL. What exactly happened and how do we avoid this happening again?

What happened

A Call of Duty tournament was meant to be held at Castle Hill RSL on the 8th of May. However, due to complaints from veterans to the NSW Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, the tournament has recently been cancelled. Promotional material for the tournament has also been taken down.
It should be noted that the tournament would have been held just a couple of weeks after ANZAC Day.
According to the ABC, this isn’t the first time Castle Hill RSL has run esports events. In fact, previous esports events held ran without any problems.

A Call of Duty tournament probably wasn’t the best idea

Now that we have the background story, I think we can all honestly agree that the whole thing is just dumb. If there’s any game that you should probably not showcase at an RSL, it would be something like Call of Duty ????‍♀️
For any international readers, RSL stands for the Returned and Services League. It is a national organisation that supports people who have served in the Australian Defence Force. These veterans include those who have served in the two World Wars and other major 20th century wars.
(Disclaimer: I’ve always been an RSL member of whatever my local area was since I was young enough to join.)
Mind you, I’ve played CoD. I think it’s a fun game and I think it’s even more fun to play with friends. More importantly, I think that the campaign modes are one way of understanding and learning about the wars past and why we definitely shouldn’t repeat them or their horrors. But, it’s just straight up common sense not to put this up in an RSL for very obvious reasons.

RSLs should be able to support esports if they want to

I should reiterate that we at strongly support the esports industry — especially local events. It’s great to know that Castle Hill RSL has been involved in previous esports tournaments and that they’ve gone pretty well.
If RSL clubs want to host esports events, they should be able to do that. And man, if my local RSL was hosting esports stuff, I’d be all over that. However, if we’re going to avoid cancellations like the one reported about today, there needs to be more communication.
That is, there needs to be more communication between RSL members, RSL committees and event organisers. If they all work together, the local esports industry would be the better for it.
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