Call of Cthulhu Unveils Gamplay from within The Grim Hawkins Manson

Call of Cthulhu, the official video-game inspired by Chaosium’s classic pen and paper RPG; is set to unleash madness when the game releases for consoles on 30th October.

Today, prepare your mind for an all-new Call of Cthulhu gameplay trailer; taken from Edward Pierce’s investigations within the Hawkins Mansion.

In Call of Cthulhu, feel the influence of Lovecraftian Old Gods and other cosmic horrors; as you delve into the circumstances behind the tragic deaths of the Hawkins family. Helped and hindered by the mysterious locals of Darkwater Island; your journey cuts the line between sanity and madness as the hunt for truth; that brings Pierce ever closer to the Great Dreamer.

 This gameplay trailer takes place during the early stages of Pierce’s investigation; though the influence of the Great Old Ones is already creeping into effect. To uncover the truth, players must unearth clues, interrogate locals, solve crime scenes and overcome dangers both physical and mental.

Call of Cthulhu Story

1924. Private Investigator Edward Pierce is sent to investigate the tragic death of the Hawkins family; in their imposing mansion on the isolated Darkwater Island; off the shores of Boston. Between unfriendly locals and dubious police reports; it becomes clear there’s more to the case than meets the eye. Soon enough, Pierce is plunged into a terrifying world of conspiracies, cultists, and cosmic horrors.
Hidden passageways, nightmarish asylums, illegal bars, and seemingly-abandoned warehouses make up Darkwater’s scattered geography. Originally supported by a now long-dead whaling industry; the island is home to only desperate old sailors and decaying families of old money with nowhere else to go. They do not like outsiders.
Faced with terrors beyond human comprehension; you must delve deep into the secrets that lay beneath the surface of the Darkwater Island community. Speak with the island’s inhabitants, overcome deadly horrors and discover cryptic clues; in a desperate attempt to expose the terrible truth at the heart of the Hawkins case.

Call of Cthulhu releases for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; on 30th October for RRP $89.95 and is rated “MA 15+”, For more info, check out their official website