Call Of Duty World League – Day 2 ANZ Team wrap up

Day two of CWL Dallas has been and gone. After a long stressful day of not being able to compete due to the evacuation, teams were forced into a very hectic schedule full of many hours between matches waiting, forfeits for accidental usage of a UAV and all-round loss of momentum.
Tainted Minds started their journey winning against very convincingly against Swept 2-0 advancing them into the open winner’s bracket. Next, they faced eXcalibur, taking the series 2-1 after dropping SnD. Echo Fox were the next opponent for Tainted to face, after a shaky hardpoint, tM showed Echo Fox how they play SnD by winning 6-0, unfortunately Echo Fox returned the favour in Capture the Flag and Tainted Minds were knocked into the loser’s bracket losing the series 2-1. The first team for Tainted to verse in the loser bracket was Movistar Riders, with a fight on hand tainted did all they could but were knocked out of the tournament losing 2-1 placing them Top 64.
Taboo’s first opponents of the day were Snaking Kings, after a strong hard point Taboo seemed to have lost momentum in the SnD and dropped the map 6-1, but climbed back and took Capture the Flag winning the series 2-1. Next, they faced Gone Gaming, due to an unfortunate error Taboo were forfeited for accidentally using a banned score streak the series was lost 2-0 and Taboo dropped to the loser’s bracket. With the need to pull themselves back, they went on to face Team Supremacy and swiftly won the series 2-0. SoaR Gaming was up next on their list, a team who publicly underestimated APAC on twitter, Taboo showed them exactly what they were here for and against convincingly won the series 2-0. Taboo were feeling strong and off to face their next opponent Saints and Angels, with tight games Taboo lost 2-0 and were knocked out of the losers bracket placing them Top 64.
SYF Gaming began their day facing Burn Gaming and convincingly took the series 2-0. Next up in their open bracket run was Envision and again convincingly took the series 2-0. They went on to face Mentality eSports, dropping SnD SYF won 2-1 continuing their run through the open bracket. SYF’s next opponent were Millenium eSports, unfortunately Millenium took the series from SYF 2-0 knocking SYF into the loser’s bracket. After a very long wait, SYF were finally able to play their match against Stay Pure, which was another convincing 2-0 win. Hitting 1am for SYF, their next opponent was Beyond Reality, SYF lost SnD but managed to pick it all up and win the series 2-1. After a long journey their final team to verse to get them to Championship Sunday was Rockets eSports, feeling confident the team gave it all the could but were knocked out losing the series 3-1. Leaving SYF placing Top 28 at CWL Dallas.
Mindfreak went into pool play feeling confident, first off facing Rise Nation, but went down 3-0. Onto their next match, going up against Red Reserve, after a devastating loss in Hardpoint, Mindfreak showed the European team how SnD is done winning 6-2, but could not pull together the following maps. Mindfreak lost to Red Reserve 3-1.
With their final pool play match again Team Kaliber ahead, the team were ready. Unfortunately, MF went down 3-0. Their final match of the day was against Next Threat who came through from the Open Bracket. Mindfreak losing the first game of Hardpoint, they came back showing they can play SnD. But in the end lost 3-1 to TK. Mindfreak will now make a loser’s bracket run. Going up against professional NA team Evil Geniuses, it looked like it was all done for Mindfreak with EG up in the seris 2-0, when Mindfreak pulled it together and pulled a reverse sweep on them winning the series 3-2.
Mindfreak are now in the fight of their lives to prove APAC have what it takes.
Unfortunately, Championship Sunday games have been put on hold due to another bomb threat call in – a tweet from Davis ‘Hitch’ of Optic Gaming wrote “the vibe is different this time guys. We just got told to go to out rooms by multiple people I trust, be safe.”
Police were sweeping the floor when suddenly the lights came on and everyone was told to leave immediately. Currently there is no other information.
To keep up to date on Championship Sunday, CWL Dallas is broadcasted on:
Signing off,
Caitlan ’Mystic’ Ingrey-Ferris.