Caffeine is Making it Rain – No Partnership Needed

Are you ticked off with Twitch? Getting Mixed Reception on Mixer? Well Caffeine has just released an amazing incentive to switch to their platform.

Caffeine were excited to announce that everyone now has a chance to earn money on Caffeine! No partnership program needed.
Your friends and fans can purchase digital items with Gold to enhance your broadcast and Caffeine will award Credits during your broadcast based on this activity. Soon you’ll be able to apply to cash out your Credits to get paid.

Simple and Easy money? Or too good to be true?

Money Money
I had a quick read through the updated Terms and conditions, which you can find here. It talks about Virtual Items that are purchased using Gold (their in house currency) and something stood out to me and has me asking a few questions:
When you “send” a Digital Item, you are sending it to Caffeine to display and register your approval of the referenced content. Caffeine will show a Digital Item as “received” after it is displayed during a broadcast. Based on the popularity of a Broadcaster’s content, as indicated by the number and types of Digital Items that Caffeine receives in connection with that content, Caffeine will determine the number of Credits to issue to the Broadcaster. 
If my fans / friends buy gold for a dollar, and purchase a ‘Digital Item’ with it. How are said credits worked out once they send it? Do I, the streamer, only receive a small percentage of that dollar or I have to hit a threshold to get that percentage? Is the percentage and incentive high enough to make me move streaming platforms?

I’m intrigued to learn more about this new incentive program. As it has a lot of great ideas and if you are starting out as a streamer; Caffeine could be worth a look. It is less over-saturated than Twitch or Mixer and it is offering this new incentive program.
Monetization through digital items is gaining in popularity, for examples look at most apps and micro transaction. The use Digital items allow fans and viewers to become part of the broadcast and the action. You can send the streamer a heart or potion bottle while they are in game to remind them to heal, or send a trophy to congratulate them on a win. I can see chat being a more exciting place too, with the use of digital items.
I don’t see Caffeine removing Twitch as the premier streaming service anytime soon. But they are definitely taking steps in the right direction to make it a contender in the future.
Caffeine also launching a new help center where you can find FAQ’s and troubleshooting guides.