Would you buy a Game Boy if Nintendo re-released it?

The Mini NES and SNES have been a great success for Nintendo. If Nintendo continues this trend with more consoles, they should do the Game Boy next.

The Game Boy back in my day…

My childhood was dominated by my Game Boy Colour. I obsessively played through Pokémons Red and Yellow on it. I adored the Gameboy Camera (for some inexplicable reason).
You didn’t have to worry about plugging it into a power adapter and lugging around controllers. I could take it everywhere with me. Sleepovers and friends’ places were the best because we would all play on our Game Boys together. It was freaking awesome, man.

The mini SNES

I pre-ordered the mini SNES when Nintendo brought that back last year. The nostalgia was mind-blowing. Mind you, I was only a toddler when I first played the NES and SNES so I only remember the rectangular controller and Mario.

Nintendo SNES Classic Mini
Photo of the SNES from Hands On: SNES Classic Mini

Of course, my motivation for getting the SNES was its place in history (and Secret of Mana, which I’d never played before). Who thought Nintendo would bring the NES and the SNES back with a suite of games each?

The best of comebacks

With the success of the mini classic NES and SNES, it only makes sense for Nintendo to do the same for the Game Boy. Sure, they could do the N64. That’s a classic in its own right. However, Nintendo should celebrate its handhelds.

Game Boy Colour
Dat transparency yo. How 90s is that?

Not to mention, all the 90s kids who grew up with the Game Boy and Game Boy Colour would be late 20s and up now. They all have the buying power necessary to support the market (no more hassling parents to buy this or that, yay!).
I can only imagine the joy I and many others would have from being amongst a crowd of people while holding a Game Boy. Me: I would be on the train and there would be many faces of envy. Hell, I can even imagine younger kids getting into it too. I saw plenty of young ones enjoying classic retro consoles at PAX Aus last year.

Do it Nintendo

Bring back the Game Boy!