A buttload of Borderlands content explodes out of PAX West

PAX West has just wrapped for another year, reminding us all that we’re slowly but surely coming closer to PAX Aus, and also, rocketing headfirst into the Borderlands 3 release which is right around the corner on September 13. So, what shiny new info do we have?
First, the full specs have been released. Both recommended and minimum specs, as well as revealing the game is going to be a massive 75gb of space exploring, gun-toting, skag petting action. The other really cool thing about the game is that it looks like it’s going to run even on your toaster, being super spec friendly for those who can’t afford to get the latest, fanciest PC.

Next up, is the actual meaty part of everything announced. A thing I really loved about Borderlands 2 was the absolutely massive and inexpensive extra content that was consistently delivered. Huge main DLC’s, smaller bite-sized but still content-full headhunter DLC’s that expanded on the universe and the characters, and even the recent leadup DLC for Borderlands 3. Which was free! Gearbox clearly loves spoiling its fans with more content than they know what to do with.
Borderlands 3 is looking much the same. Of course, they can’t just blurt it all out at once, dumping more content than we know what to do with, so instead at the Gearbox Main Theatre show, Gearbox gave us a delightful little glimpse at just what’s in store for the post-game content.
Everyone’s favourite new game plus hard mode, True Vault Hunter Mode, makes a return, as does the Badass Rank system in its shiny rehauled and revamped form, Guardian Ranks. Guardian Ranks are obtained by gaining XP to then obtain Guardian Tokens, each of which can be spent on one of three trees. The Enforcer Tree focuses on upping your damage across every element from melee to gun and vehicular. The Survivor Tree is all about increasing health and shields, as well as Fight For Your Lifetime, and finally, the Hunter Tree is for those who like to grind for the perfect gun, improving the luck to drop rates, but also things like accuracy, reload speed and recoil reduction.
To add to this, there’s also the brand new Mayhem Mode. Upon completion of the game, you’ll discover a mysterious terminal on your Sanctuary III home base, and activating it allows you to choose from one of three Mayhem Modes, appropriately titled Mayhem 1, Mayhem 2 and Mayhem 3. Taking any of these on will up the risk/reward factor, with enemies gaining more health as well as better shields and armor, while you get more cash, more Eridium and most importantly, better guns. Mayhem 3 has been described as a ‘death sentence’ if you jump in cold turkey, so you might want to work your way up to it.
But that’s not all Mayhem Mode offers, it also offers fun little ‘mods’ to increase difficulty in challenging ways. One example provided is that you might get a mod titled ‘You’re A Wizard’, which means your gun damage goes down, but your elemental damage goes up. No word on whether or not you also get transported to a Hogwarts where instead of wands, everyone has a gun and also Dumbledore is just Wizard Claptrap from Borderlands 2. But I can dream.
And of course, there’s the revealed fall/winter content calendar that was revealed. It gives us a glimpse into what’s to come, which promises seasonal events, ‘takedown’ missions as well as huge mainline DLC’s similar to what we saw with the previous entries in the series. And, of course, there’ll be plenty of cosmetics along the way.
I’m gonna shoot so many dudes.