Borderlands 3 PAX East Panel Recap

It’s Borderlands time again, folks! Gearbox is bringing us some March Mayhem with a whole slew of announcements from their big PAX East panel and there was an announcement for everyone. Specifically one just for me, but we’ll get to that.
First up, Borderlands 3 has a solid Steam release date now! The game will come to Steam on March 13, and to make sure your non-steam having friends don’t miss out on the Mayhem, there’s going to be Epic/Steam cross-play! This means, thanks to the games fancy SHiFT technology, players will be able to add friends, join co-op parties and play together, regardless of their PC platform of choice! And if that wasn’t enough for you, Gearbox has also promised some cool cross-play features for the future, like being able to mail some badass weapons to your buddies. You can add Borderlands 3 to your Steam wishlists right now!

Next up, and this is the part that I said was for me, specifically, is the next major DLC coming on March 26: Guns, Love & Tentacles: The Marriage of Wainwright and Hammerlock. It’s… Well, the marriage of Wainwright and Hammerlock! Our favourite badass couple from the game is finally getting hitched, hinted at by the ‘wedding invitation’ Jakobs sniper rifle in the last free event!
But, this isn’t just any gay wedding of the year event, it’s a Borderlands gay wedding of the year event, so naturally, things are gonna go a little wacky. The couple has chosen the icy planet of Xylourgos to tie the knot, with players visiting the eerie town of Cursehaven, located beneath the carcass of a Vault Monster. So, you know, that’s fun.
From here it delves into a Lovecraftian tribute full of cultists who worship the dead Vault Monster, aggressive wildlife and all kind of nastiness. So, you know, it’s a real romantic event. The other big thing to note is that Gaige, the first DLC Vault Hunter of Borderlands 2 (and my personal main, she’s my baby girl) and her BFF Deathtrap make a return as the wedding planner(s).
You’ll be encountering all sorts of creepy goings-on, and then promptly shoot it in its creepy face. You’ll also be making a ton of new friends with the townsfolk, who are also creepy and super cursed, offering up some tasty side-missions. And, of course, there’ll be all kinds of new weapons, cosmetics, lootable and shootables. This is included with the season pass or, as with the last DLC, can be purchased separately.
Gearbox also teased the third upcoming DLC, which looks as though it’ll have a Wild West kind of vibe, which will be coming in the Winter.

This isn’t all. Because of course, it isn’t. A roadmap was brought out showing a bunch of future Borderlands 3 updates and content coming this Autumn. First is Mayhem 2.0 mode, which alters Mayhem mode and the endgame, coming in April, as well as the Revenge of the Cartels seasonal events which, like the previous ones, will be a free and automatic update to your game and focuses on tracking down and taking out cartel operatives to earn rewards.
In May, we get our second Takedown event with the Guardian Takedown. It’s an intense standalone mission focused on the Eridians which will add new bosses, gear and cosmetics. The difficulty will also scale based on your party size.
And all this is only for the first half of 2020! There’s more after that! Can you believe it?
For more details on any of these announcements, check out the Borderlands website!