The biggest games coming out in February 2018

February is upon us and we are breaking down the biggest game releases and DLC to expect this month!

Battalion 1944

PC (Early Access) FEBRUARY 1, 2018

Battalion 1944 recaptures the core of classic multiplayer shooters and propels WW2 into the next generation. Battalion 1944 utilizes the most advanced industry technology to create a visceral and heart-thumping multiplayer experience that has been crafted by the designers who have grown up playing Medal of Honor and Call of Duty 2.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

A HD remaster of the original Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System coming to the PlayStation 4. All artwork has been upgraded including higher resolutions for cutscenes and current generation ‘visual expression’. Full surround sound support, higher-quality voice support, English and Japanese VOs and the original as well as re-recorded BGMs.

EA Sports UFC 3

PS4, Xbox One FEBRUARY 2, 2018
EA SPORTS UFC 3 revolutionizes authentic fighting movement with Real Player Motion Tech, a new animation technology that delivers the most responsive and authentic athletic motion in sports gaming. Every punch, kick, block, and counter has been recaptured and rebuilt on cutting-edge motion-capture tech to look and feel life-like and responsive, delivering a more competitive fighting experience. In G.O.A.T. Career Mode, players must build fight hype to gain fans, earn cash to train at new gyms, and create heated rivalries with other fighters to capture the world’s attention. How you promote outside of the Octagon matters as much as how you perform inside of it as you progress to becoming the Greatest of All Time. In addition, an all-new suite of customizable multiplayer modes let you and your friends get into the Octagon and face off in fast, fun, intense pick-up-and-play bouts where a highlight-reel knockout is always only one strike away and victory happens in the blink of an eye.

Shadow of the Colossus

PS4 FEBRUARY 6, 2018
Shadow of the Colossus is a majestic journey through ancient lands. With your trusty horse at your side, you’ll explore spacious lands and unearth ancient monsters called Colossus. Armed with your wits, a sword and a bow, use cunning and strategy to topple each of these behemoths.

Civilization VI: Rise and Fall

The first major expansion to Civilization VI from Firaxis Games. Rise and Fall introduces nine new leaders and eight new civilizations to the grand strategy roster, as well as eight new wonders of the world, seven natural wonders, four new units, two new tile improvements, fourteen new buildings, three new resources and two new districts. Historic Moments are also introduced that mark significant milestones in your civilization’s rise or possible fall from Golden Ages to Dark Ages.

Secret of Mana

PC, PS4, PS Vita FEBRUARY 15, 2018
In Secret of Mana, the memorable and fan-favourite adventure of Randi, Primm and Popoi is reborn with revamped 3D visuals and upgraded gameplay to bring new life to the much-loved volume in the Mana series for both returning and new players alike.


Switch FEBRUARY 16, 2018
Meet Bayonetta, an Umbra Witch whose beauty is matched only by her tremendous arcane power. Take control of both – and a full arsenal of heart-stopping weapons while you’re at it – and go Angel-hunting in the nonstop climax action game that truly put Platinum Games on the map. Fight your way through the heavenly host to climax after thrilling climax through gorgeous stages! The action never lets up in this top-class 3D action game.

Bayonetta 2

Switch FEBRUARY 16, 2018
Bayonetta 2 carries on the action-style gameplay of its predecessor, in which players play as the eponymous Bayonetta as she fights against various angels (and now demons) using combinations of melee attacks and gunplay. Dodging enemy attacks at the last second activates ‘Witch Time’, slowing down enemies around Bayonetta and allowing players to easily retaliate and solve certain environmental puzzles. Players are also able to use special moves called Torture Attacks, trapping opponents in infernal devices for extra points. Weapon customisation from the first game also returns, allowing players to equip combinations of new weapons on both Bayonetta’s hands and feet.

Metal Gear Survive

PC, PS4, Xbox One FEBRUARY 20, 2018
A direct sequel to the events in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, where surviving members of the attack on Mother Base are drawn into a wormhole. It’s here a small collection of former Militaires Sans Frontières soldiers must fight to survive against an alternate reality filled with twisted ‘biological threats’. Metal Gear Survive is a multiplayer co-op game for up to four players and uses the FOX engine.

Payday 2

Switch FEBRUARY 27, 2018
PAYDAY 2: Crimewave Edition will satisfy console fans’ craving for action packed crime sprees by bringing over a year’s worth of paid DLC packs and free updates bundled in the box – including the fan favourite The Big Bank Heist, and “Clover,” the first female heister.

Battlefield 1 – Apocalypse

PC, PS4, Xbox One FEBRUARY 2018
Go over the top in the most infamous battles of WW1. Conquer bitterly contested ground with brutal tools and unique weapons born out of desperation and deadlock. Never before have the nightmarish horrors of the Great War been closer as you descend into hell. Prepare to enter the Apocalypse.


Moss is a single player action-adventure puzzle game for all ages. Built for virtual reality from the ground up, Moss reimagines classic action-adventure gameplay in a first-of-its-kind fully immersive environment.

Call of Duty: WWII – The Resistance

PS4 JANUARY 30, 2018
The first expansion pack for Call of Duty: WWII.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War – Blade of Galadriel

PC, PS4, Xbox One FEBRUARY 2018
Play as Eltariel, an assassin known as the Blade of Galadriel, and take the fight to latest additions to the Nazgûl ranks. Weild dual Elven blades and harness the Light of Galadriel with all-new combat abilities, skills and gear. Face new Nemesis characters such as Flint and Tinder and the Slayer of the Dead, all while battling Nazgûl and learning more of their mysterious past. Eight new Legendary Orcs and new abilities for the Nemesis System, also available in the main campaign.