Belle Delphine “Arrested” After Having Her Hamster Stolen

If you are a fan or just haven’t been living under a rock for the past year of social media star, Belle Delphine,  you would have realised that she has gone totally MIA since late August. We may have the reason for why that was.

Delphine went to Twitter today to post about her run-in with the law. This was due to retaliating after somebody stole her hamster at a party.

Belle posted a series of pictures with one being a screenshot of the conversation with the person who stole the hamster, one of her painting pepe with a gun, dressed as a clown, the full car with spraypaint and then her beloved hamster!

If you have been following Belle for any amount of time, you would know that she adores the hamster, and much like any other pet owner would be furious if they were stolen! Especially by someone who you trusted enough to come into your home.

Twitter uses replied back with their support, with YouTuber, H3H3 replying with “Great job Belle, keep it up. Proud of you.”

Belle Delphine has made rounds these last few months with her selling of ‘Gamer Girl Bath Water,’ for $30 a cup. This made waves across media with the controversial debate of what she was doing to make money. Theories surrounded her arrest with people saying that the bathwater was why she was arrested but that does not seem like the reason with the recent updates on her Twitter.

The arrest has yet to be completely confirmed, as a reverse image search of the mugshot comes up with no information, as well as H3H3 only talking about the possibility of her arrest days prior. It will be interesting to see how this ends up.

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