Bees are coming to Minecraft… and they’re adorable!

Big... Large... Square... Minecraft bees.

I hope you have an undesired amount of love for bees because they’re coming to Minecraft in the newest update and they’re absolutely adorable. The newest snapshot for Minecraft came out yesterday, and so did the announcement of the bees! The bees will behave similarly to the real world bugs. The newest mobs will be added alongside Honeycomb, Beehives, and nests.

Will they hurt?

They are a neutral mob and will not attack unless provoked, and when provoked will sting you, inflicting 1 heart of damage on easy, 1.5 on normal and 2 on hard. If playing on Normal or Hard, the sting will poison you for 10 seconds on normal and 18 seconds on hard, doing half a heart every 1.25 seconds. Yikes!

Much like wolves and zombie pigmen, all bees nearby are angered when one individual is attacked, or when a nest is destroyed.

Collecting a honeycomb or a honey bottle from a nest or hive will cause the bees from said nest or hive to leave and swarm the player. You are able to prevent the fury of bees from swarming you by placing a campfire below the hive.

After attacking and poisoning you, bees lose their stinger and die within 50–60 seconds. They won’t be to attack you if they have already lost their stinger, therefore bees can only attack once.

They will also attack other mobs when damaged.

Where will they spawn?

Bees spawn in groups around bee nests which hang from trees in Plains, Sunflower Plains and Forest Flower biomes. Bee nests have a 10% chance to spawn on trees grown in the biomes listed above.

So, you have found your nest or have crafted a hive and loaded it with bees, now what? You can breed your bees to create babies. You can also harvest the nests and hives for honeycomb and honey bottles. Honey bottles restore 6 hunger (3 bars) and 9.6 saturation and can be crafted into 3 sugar.

The official update notes can be found here!

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