Australian school continues Fortnite ban campaign, also targets Roblox

Last week, we reported that a Sydney based school had warned parents to ban Fortnite. And, that they should not allow their Year 5 students to play due to perceived concerns for children’s safety. We learned this thanks to an email that was anonymously forwarded to us. We now have an update.

The email from our report last week

Here we go again

The same source has now provided us with further information that it is not only Fortnite that the school has issues with, but also, the popular sandbox game Roblox.
The school cites that these games have been found to have a negative impact on the behaviour of children. Then, they link to a tweet from the Sunrise show. The following tweet includes a fearmongering anti-Fortnite story from their show that has already been decimated by the gaming media:

The email is as follows

While we agree that parents should take responsibility for the content and entertainment their children consume, this is beginning to look like an uneducated yet targeted attack on gaming within this particular school.

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