Ayo: A Rain Tale is now available on mobile

Ayo: A Rain Tale, a game from the Lebanon-based studio Inkline was first released for PC in November. Now, the game makes its way to mobile platforms.
Inkline first released Ayo: A Rain Tale first for PC in November last year. If you haven’t heard much of the game, it’s a side-scroller with a socially-aware message.

About Ayo: A Rain Tale

In the game, you play as the character Ayo. The story is set in sub-Saharan Africa and focuses on Ayo collecting water for her family.
Of course, games are more than just games and Ayo: A Rain Tale is no exception. It sheds light on the reality of 319 million people living in sub-Saharan and their access to clean drinking water. Not to mention, the global figures of clean water access are even starker with 1 in 9 not having access to safe and clean water. Not to mention, it also examines the struggles faced by girls and women who are the primary water collectors in 45 countries (7 out of 10).
Personally, I think it’s amazing to see games like these: entertaining and educational. Of course, it’s also great to see more games with female antagonists that speak to the experience of women worldwide.


  • Explore sub-Saharan lands by crawling, climbing, and double-jumping.
  • Experience day and night cycles along the way.
  • Solve puzzles and push through boulders to advance.
  • Withstand the harsh desert heat and fight for strength and emotional balance.
  • Face challenging enemies and confront Ja Thunderstorm!
  • Discover hidden paths and avoid natural hazards.



Ayo: A Rain Tale is now available on iOS for AU$4.49 and Android for AU$3.89.
If PC is your particular platform of choice, you can also get the game on Steam for approximately $12.42 and the Mac App Store for AU$14.99.

A word from the founder of Inkline

“I’m thrilled to be able to release Ayo: A Rain Tale on mobile devices,”
“I firmly believe in the democratization of information, and that starts with the hardware. A large percentage of those living in developing countries have access to smartphones. Ayo: A Rain Tale can now be experienced by a much larger percentage of the population, which hopefully will translate into support – and recognition – for the girls and women of sub-Saharan Africa.”
-Ghaith Fleifel, founder and lead designer at Inkline

Watch the trailer here

Source & Images: Novy PR