Aussie speedrunners raise money for Beyond Blue

Did you find yourself feeling like there was a hole in your heart after Games Done Quick ended? Did you wish there was still more speedrunning happening for charity that you could throw money at? Well don’t worry, a group of Australian speedrunners has your back!

A group of Aussie speedrunners have banded together to raise money for Beyond Blue, one of Australia’s leading charities for support of depression, anxiety and suicide prevention. And guess what! They’ve already raised over $3600 and they’re not even through yet!

The event is slated to run from the 2nd of July through to the 7th of July, meaning they’re not even halfway through yet! Plenty of time to get in on that speedrunning action! Currently they’re streaming out of South Adelaide University, but if you want to see these legends in action, they’ll be streaming at AVCon, Adelaide’s leading anime/video games/pop culture convention, from tomorrow!

If you want to support these absolute legends, you can do so at Beyond Blue’s website here! And don’t forget to check out the stream live on Twitch!

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