Aussie Esports Teams Progress to $1.25 Million World Finals

Tainted Minds and Chiefs qualify for $1M Rocket League Championship Series Final by Throwdown Esports

Team Immunity progress to $250k Predator Final

In a mammoth weekend of OCE esports by Throwdown Esports three Aussie teams have progressed to the world finals of their respective codes, and an opportunity to play the best teams from around the globe and stake a claim for the US$1.25M on offer.

Yesterday in a closely fought tournament Tainted Minds came out on top, beating off their rivals to win the Throwdown Esports Rocket League OCE Championship and the lion’s share of the US$50k prize pool. The win also granted them automatic qualification to theRocket League Championship Series (RLCS) final and the huge US$1M on offer. Chiefs, who played against Tainted Minds in the OCE final, will also progress to the RLCS thanks to the second-place standing.

An extremely dramatic series of games played out in the Predator PUBG OCE Open Series Powered by Throwdown Esports which saw most of the leading teams choke in the final game of the day, letting Team Immunity storm through and take the victory. As well as the largest share of the local $15k prize pool, they have also booked their place at thePredator League Final and the comps $250k prize pool.

Full details of the scores Complete with highlights are below.

Throwdown Esports Rocket League OCE Championship

Throwdown Esports Rocket League OCE Championship

Upper Semi 1

Upper Semi 2

  • Tainted Minds 4 – 0 SYF Gaming

Upper Final

  • Chiefs ESC 2 – 4 Tainted Minds
    • 2 – 0
    • 0 – 1
    • 2 – 3
    • 2 – 1
    • 4 – 0
    • 1 – 2

Lower Semi

  • ORDER 4 – 2 SYF Gaming
    • 2 – 5
    • 1 – 2
    • 5 – 1
    • 5 – 0
    • 4 – 0
    • 2 – 0
      • SYF came out SO strong, but ORDER finally settled after their match with Chiefs, ending up scoring 13 unanswered goals! Absolute tour de force.
      • Julz one of the best players this season with this ambitious and amazing play on the wall & roof:

Lower Final

  • Chiefs ESC 4 – 0 ORDER
    • 5 – 4
    • 3 – 2
    • 2 – 1
    • 2 – 1
      • The series score is misleading, as they were all close games with OT’s. Chiefs nonetheless on a just higher level with so much more experience under their belt.
      • Chiefs a lot more fluid without the unrelenting pressure from TM:

Grand Final

*Tainted Minds starts the series with a 1 round advantage, as opposed to a bracket reset.

  • Tainted Minds 4 – 2 Chiefs ESC
    • 1 – 0 *(see above)
    • 3 – 2
    • 0 – 2
    • 1 – 3
    • 7 – 1
    • 4 – 3

The rematch showed much of the same between the two, TM deserved winners of the Championship Finals!
The pass of the year, maybe not globally since last week but definitely in OCE, one of my favourite plays ever from Express, the championship winning pass: (6h19m37s)

Predator PUBG OCE Open Series Powered by Throwdown Esports

Predator PUBG OCE Open Series Powered by Throwdown Esports

Saturday’s Finals were amazing. That’s the only way to put it.

The day started off with Ground Zero Gaming winning the first 2 games and taking a very healthy lead over the rest of the competition. However, by the end of the 3rd game, SYF Gaming had clawed their way back up just slightly after a huge 1st place and 17 kills in game 3 but Ground Zero had still been doing enough with a nice 4th place finish to keep a good distance away from the rest of the pack. The other teams sitting in the top 5 at this point were NoInVitez, Team Immunity and Knights Esports.

By the end of Round 6, NoInVitez & SYF Gaming were tied for 1st place on 1870 points, Ground Zero Gaming after a bad 5th and 6th round were 10 points behind on 1860 points and Team Immunity were 30 points behind 1st place on 1840 points. The next closest team was Knights Esports on 1590. 280 points behind first place.

So, due to the closeness of the matches, the last game of the day really came down to whichever team finished best, would win the Tournament. Teams like ORDER and Knights Esports would really need to win the game, have a huge kill count AND hope that the other teams would be eliminated early.

And would you believe it, that almost happened!

Ground Zero Gaming was eliminated in 15th place, NoInVitez in 11th place, SYF Gaming in 10th place.

ORDER knew they needed to push other teams hard to try catch up the points and unfortunately this was their downfall as they finished in 8th place with 10 kills. All day they were on point with their shots, as they had the highest kill count of any team with 48 over the 7 rounds.

The next closest team with 42 kills and the team who played the final round smart and finished in 4th place which was enough to secure them the overall victory was Team Immunity.

Team Immunity finished off the day with 2160 points. 140 points behind them in 2nd place was Knights Esports who did manage to catch up the points in this last round and push the others down a spot.

*MVP of the week went to Daak of SYF Gaming – He had 11 kills and 1713 damage which really helped his team in the early stages of the tournament and give them a fighting chance at 1st place.

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