Audeze Mobius – Gaming headset review

It’s not often I am sent a product to review that I end up really wanting to keep, Audeze’s new gaming focused headset the Mobius is one of those!
Out of the box I was instantly taken back by the smart fashionable design of these headphone. They don’t look like a gaming headset, rather a high end audio, daily driver set of headphones in line more with BOSE than a gaming headset like Razer or Turtle Beach.

Infact because of this, my first experience with them was wearing them home from the office in my commute home. The detachable mic meant as far as anyone knew, these were just a good looking pair of headphones.
I actually was stopped twice during my first week and asked what brand they were as they looked so good!
They are a wireless headset that charges via USB-c so its a reasonably quick charge, and battery life lasted me well. A whole week on my daily commute or an entire 6hr gaming session.

But we didn’t come here to gush over the looks, how do they sound?

Easily the best audio quality I have experienced from a gaming headset…bar none!
I could go into the science and tech behind how and why these sound so good… but I don’t really understand the tech jargon myself, so just know that whatever audio witchcraft they have pulled off… it worked!
They do come with a 3D audio feature which I really have not figured out the benefit of but its there.
As for audio in game, I have played three games with them: Fallout 76 (don’t judge me, I love this game), Fortnite (I suck at it) and PUBG. These games were chosen for their need for great audio to hear other players & directional audio.
In all three games I genuinely had a better experience with Game audio not feeling muffled while chat audio was on. being able to hear the faintest gunshot in the distance in PUBG and Fortnite.

Any letdowns?

Yes, exactly two things bothered me.
Firstly these are a $600 set of cans, the definitely sound like a headset in that price range but i have concerns with the almost entirely plastic build . I have been informed this is actually intentional for weight and flexibility.

Secondly, The only microphone is the detachable gaming boom arm. Fine for gaming, but when I was wearing them as bluetooth headphones there was no way to take a call without unpairing the headset and taking the call on my phone like a pleb.

To summarize:

The Audeze Mobius is a great looking and amazing sounding headset!
While the price tag is up there, I do feel like you will get more bang for your buck from them as they fill the need for both out of home headphones and gaming. Thanks Audeze, I’m keeping them.
Check them out in store now.
Mobius by Audeze is available in three finishes and exclusively through JB Hi-Fi online and Addicted To Audio in Australia (AUD $599) and Mighty Ape in New Zealand (NZD $699).