Aurora44 To Showcase Ashen At PAX Australia 2018

There is a rumble in the distance and then, a light. It shines from a peak in the distance, blinding you. By the time your eyes adjust, you realise that the land you have known is gone forever. The world has been reborn in a new age of light. The Ashen has risen.

Aurora44 is excited to be exhibiting our debut title Ashen at PAX Aus 2018. A 3rd person, open world action RPG, Ashen is set in a world where there is no sun. The only natural light comes from a mythical creature called the Ashen, which after thousands of years has returned and restored light to the world. You must do everything you can to protect it from those who would prefer the world to stay in darkness.
At its core, Ashen is about forging relationships. You’ll find other wanderers out in the world with unique skills and crafting abilities who will join your town and help it grow. While you’ll encounter other players through passive multiplayer, who you can work with to complete quests, explore dungeons and help each other defeat epic bosses. Together, you might just stand a chance.

Features Of Ashen

Passive Multiplayer

While exploring and completing quests for characters, you’ll come across other players in the wilderness. You can choose to work together on a quest, tackle dungeons or go your own way. It’s up to you.

Open World Exploration

Ashen is filled with beautiful, hand-crafted environments waiting to be explored. From rugged coastlines to dark intricate caverns and sprawling cities from civilisations past, each region is unique and will reveal more about the lost history of the world.

Stamina Based Combat

Each encounter has the potential to end in disaster. Knowledge of the land and patience are as valuable as any weapon in Ashen. Even so, an array of axes, clubs, spears and shields are available to make a mark on your enemies. Most of these can be upgraded using special items uncovered during your journey, to suit whatever playstyle is most natural to you.


The creatures of Ashen include rare, lonely giants and hungry, twisted inhabitants of the night. This is a land teaming with a diversity of flora and fauna, ancient races who once ruled the land and deadly horrors who would prefer the world’s return to darkness.

The Town

Early in your adventure you will found Vagrant’s Rest, a settlement where characters you encounter on your adventures will return to and make their home. As you complete their quests they will expand their own dwellings and provide you with services to help you on your journey. Vagrant’s Rest remains active even as you explore the world, check back often to see it grow from a village into a booming town.


Booth Location, Platforms & Release Date

The Ashen booth will be located in the PAX Rising area in the main hall at booth #PR05; (as shown in the image below). Come by for a walk through of our latest demo from our staff.
Ashen will be releasing on PC and Xbox One (simultaneously!); later this year and will be available on the Xbox Game Pass service at launch too.

PAX Location
PAX Location