ARK is coming to VR

Earlier today, Snail Games announced the release of its multiplayer adventure ARK Park on all major VR gaming platforms.

Based on Studio Wildcard’s best-selling ARK: Survival Evolved, ARK Park allows VR users and their friends to interact with more than 100 dinosaurs rendered in stunning detail across 6 massive environments.

“After many years in development, we can safely say that VR is starting to mature as a technology. The potential for very personal, eye-opening experiences is there – and I believe that ARK Park may be one of the first games to fully deliver on that promise. ARK Park is launching with hundreds of exquisitely-detailed dinosaurs, 6 awe-inspiring park attractions, and gameplay choices ranging from pure exploration and crafting to dinosaur breeding and combat. We can’t wait to welcome both ARK: Survival Evolved veterans and VR novices from all corners of the world into this new and exciting addition to the ARK franchise.”
Tianqi Wu (Vice President, Snail Games):

Featuring a real-time day and night cycle, ARK Park’s time of day mechanic includes day, evening, night, and dawn. Both biomes and creatures are affected, which means that some dinosaurs may only appear at specific times. There are more than 50 different species in the game; you can interact, tame, or even fend them off! When exploring the wilderness, use a gene scanner to collect gene fragments from prehistoric life forms. A combination of puzzle-solving, exploration, and careful resource management skills is a must if you intend to capture the most prized animals. Gene fragments unlock blueprints, which can be used to craft tools, lures, items, and weapons; they also reveal detailed information about each species.
What’s better than walking among dinosaurs? Being driven on a rugged off-road vehicle … or riding your very own pet dino! Take the Crystal Shuttle and go on an amazing ride across the park and nearby ocean. The Jeep will carry you through the perilous Sequoia Rainforest – but be ready for a very talkative driver. Finally, after raising a dinosaur to adulthood, you can tame and ride it. Are you ready for an unforgettable trail excursion on the back of your Dinosaur Mount?

  • Explore a variety of maps without a linear storyline.
  • Collect eggs and incubate them to raise your own little dinosaurs.
  • Find materials such as Dinosaur DNA and trade them to craft useful items and more powerful weapons.
  • Defend the park and its vital technology from rampaging dinosaurs across 6 gorgeous environments!
  • Revisit the dinosaurs from the popular title ARK: Survival Evolved.


Dino Breeding
Fulfill your dream of having a pet dinosaur within the Forest Trail. Incubate the eggs you collect, gather food to keep them fed, and watch them grow. You may also spray paint your dinosaur using the warpaint system from ARK: Survival Evolved.
Incubation: First, obtain dinosaur eggs through various means – such as exploration or gifts. Then place the egg into the incubator to hatch it. Distinct types of eggs will require different times to hatch.
Taming: To ensure that your baby dinos grow up to be healthy, you must check on them regularly. Use the control panel at the bottom right of the dinosaur’s cage to check their growth status and hunger. They will continue to grow even when you’re offline, so make sure they’re well fed!
Tour distinctive primal environments solo or with a group of friends. These excursions can be relaxing and challenging at the same time. Step into tropical rainforests, snow-covered mountains, and expansive plains – along with the dinosaurs that call these habitats home!
Crafting Items
Using the integrated holographic crafting table in the Forest Trail, you can forge a variety of items – even weapons. (Why would you need a weapon at the park? You may soon find out…) If you unlock a blueprints using gene fragments, you can craft an item using the holographic crafting table. A holographic model will be displayed – along with the required material and quantity. If the requirements are met, just press the Craft button on the bottom right to begin crafting.
Defending Brainwave Towers
Brainwave Towers are used to inhibit dinosaurs from viewing humans as a threat – or worse … food. Occasionally, these towers will break down – and you may find yourself protect them from wave after wave of rampaging dinos! You and your friends must defend the base (and other humans) with custom-made weaponry – including a selection of melee and ranged weapons, along with other highly-effective combat items. Successfully completing a level will unlock the next one – and there are three difficulty levels corresponding to a different times: day, dusk and night. Swords, spears, pistols, scatterguns, and grenades will be available at launch.
Multiplayer Gameplay
Excursions are much easier to complete when players can brainstorm and search for secrets together. More difficult Hunting Maps require close collaboration and teamwork for best results!
ARK Park is now available on HTC Vive (SteamVR and Viveport), PSVR, and Oculus Rift.