ARK Park updated with free locomotion on all platforms

Snail Games’ first VR game, ARK Park, has been discounted by 30%

You can get your copy of ARK Park during the SteamVR Spring Sale For the below discounted price:
Standard Edition:  $27.99 USD – Approx. $36.29 AUD
Deluxe Edition:     $33.59 USD – Approx. $43.55 AUD
As if the discounted price wasn’t exciting enough. The developers have been hard at work on several parts of ARK Park:

  • They have improved the movement systems. The game has now been updated with free locomotion! Expect the patch to drop very soon.
  • The development team  has addressed concerns from PSVR owners. The PSVR version’s graphics will be greatly improved thanks to a patch that should hit around mid-May.

April 2018 Update (SteamVR/PSVR/Windows MR)

  • Snail Games has also added a tutorial that explains the free movement option. Which is presented to players upon starting a new game.

All of the following minor issues have been fixed/adjusted:

  • Character creation interface position.
  • Instances of blurry text.
  • Stuck spots in tutorials.

For more details on ARK Park, please see our previous article here