Are Bethesda teasing an announcement for Rage 2 next week?

Following yesterdays fabulous leak of potential upcoming E3 announcements Bethesda fabulously chose not to idgnore or deny the leak, rather they chose to tweet a list of corrections from the official Rage account regarding the Rage 2 leak:

We all had a laugh and thought this was probably the last we would hear about Rage 2 until E3… Until this morning.
From the official @Bethesda twitter account a chain of tweets using the same magenta color as the Rage 2 correction tweet is smeared across Big Ben, A rocket and now a London intersection:

Reading into the hints:
Two of the images are clearly based in London, Is this the new location of Rage 2?
two of the images reference 5 14 (5-14 on the rocket and 5:14 is the time on Big Ben), Next mondays date is 5/14. Will we get a trailer on Monday (or our Tuesday)?
Have we missed anything else?