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Ascend to new heights in the first expansion to Archmage!

Ascendant, the first expansion for Archmage, is live on Kickstarter, and funded in just 3 hours! Check it out as we start unlocking stretch goals!

Archmage is a euro-thematic hybrid that features exploration, resource gathering and management, area control, and a spell combat system. Master basic spells, then combine them into higher forms of magic, casting more powerful spells from your ever-changing spellbook. Strengthen your magical prowess and order of followers to ascend to the mantle of Archmage!

Ascendant introduces four new exciting modules that can be incorporated into the base game; either one at a time or all together:

  • Brand new fundamental and advanced spells
  • Places of Power — new location tiles that give passive powers to whoever controls them
  • Prophecies — gain victory points by completing objectives
  • 2-player co-op mode — take down the Warlord with the help of a fellow mage!

Archmage: Ascendant

If you already own Archmage you can pick up Ascendant, or if you’ve been waiting to try it; now is your chance to get the Collector’s Edition of the base game and the expansion at a great price! We’re happy to offer customs friendly shipping to many regions — check the Kickstarter page to see if yours is included!.

Archmage: Ascendant is on Kickstarter through Wednesday, November 29. Discover something magical!

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