Apex Legends launches The Old Ways event

Follow everyone's favourite non-binary mercenary

Apex Legends, seeing we’re all stuck inside (and probably before that, too), has come up with another really cool lore based event to keep players entertained. ‘The Old Ways’ is an event that will begin on April 7 and run through to April 21st.

Staring Apex’s non-binary tracking sensation, Bloodhound, players will have access to a custom Town Takeover on the World’s Edge map. Players will have to take down fearsome Prowlers for a chance to get some high-tier, shiny loot, all of it taking place on the northwest part of the map. Although, naturally, you’re going to have to deal with all the other folks out there who want the same thing, and are willing to walk all over your corpse to get it.

Players who complete the daily challenges for the event are going to get their hands on some really cool, exclusive cosmetics. There’s also a bunch of themed items available through the Direct Purchase shop.

That means no matter your style of play and your preferred way of participating, you’re almost guaranteed to walk away with something cool. You have a few days to get your squad together and start making some plans, so get on it!

For more information, check out the official website.

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