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All You Need to Know About Fimbul

Developer Zaxis and publisher EuroVideo is excited to announce the Fimbul. A comic-action-adventure coming to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC in late 2018.

Fimbul’s story and background

In the long winter before Ragnarok, Fimbul follows the journey of an ageing berserker named Kveldulver. He ventures through icy Midgard on a quest to prevent the end of the world. Take on Trolls and Jotuns in this comic-action-adventure to reclaim an ancient artefact required to save humanity.

Inspired by the Saxo Grammaticus and linking Northern European legend with a comic book-style narrative. Your actions will have a heavy impact on the game’s storyline. “The Thread of Life”, an autosave feature, will give you the opportunity to return to crucial moments of the story to explore alternative branches at every moment. Fimbul is also enriched with lots of secret areas and gives you the chance to reveal interesting character background. Fimbul encourages you to unleash your inner adventurer!

The combat system

With a combat system that is easy to learn but difficult to master, battling out with various different enemies requires Kveldulver to be skilful in using a range of weaponry. Also, if you run into any Vikings during your journey, you can recruit them to assist in combat. During gameplay, surviving will require you to use individual skills and different items that the Viking has gained. Furthermore, in a world where enemy warriors and dangerous creatures like hungry wolves and monsters are just around the corner, Fimbul will make sure to keep you on your feet.

fimbul jotun

When will Fimbul be available?

It will be available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC in November 2018.

About EuroVideo

EuroVideo is an independent publisher that has been active in the entertainment industry for decades. They specialise in the distribution and marketing of home entertainment, including movies, documentaries and children’s programmes. in addition, the company publishes and distributes games for PC and consoles, including its own co-productions as well as third-party products. Among recent games publishes by EuroVideo are The Dwarves, Shock Tactics, Expeditions: Vikings, Everspace, and Ostwind.

More Information

Of course, More details about the world of Fimbul can be found over here on Steam.

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