All the cool Non-gaming trailers from SDCC so far!

San Diego Comicon is in full swing and we are excited!
Not just for the Spider-man and Spyro news released today. But also for all the other nerdy goodness!
Let’s go through everything that has us hyped, And to follow all our SDCC coverage check out our regular updates HERE

Doctor Who:

We have been waiting for a trailer since the announcement last year that Jodie Whittikar will be taking  the controls of the Tardis, and today BBC finally delivered:

They also treated us to some new images of the new team Tardis and the new Sonic:

DC Universe:

DC Comics are naturally in full swing for SDCC and have announced their own over the top distribution service “DC Universe”
An online subscription service that will give US customers access to their online comic books, Clasic Films and Tv Shows as well as new TV content such as Doom Patrol, Young Justice, Swamp Thing, Harley Quinn and the new Titans show… which got a very dark all new trailer!

Star Wars Clone Wars:

Back in 2013 Star Wars: The Clone wars was cancelled, and many fans have felt like the show was left unfinished.
Seen as one of the best Star Wars canon cartoons, It explored the story in between Episodes 2 & 3, And we finally get to see how that story ends with a 12 episode run making its return: