AKRacing’s Latest Accessory is here, Introducing the AKRacing Footstool

AKRacing HQ has been working tirelessly on producing NEW products that increase their customer’s overall comfort experience; as well as complimenting their current AKRacing office/gaming chair set up.
This NEW accessory is breaking new ground of the company’s already highly successful accessory line. Their accessory line already boasts a range of gaming items such as:

  • Large Gaming Mousepads;
  • Adjustable Footrests;
  • Circular Chair Mat;
  • Wheel castors; and
  • Lumbar and Neck Cushions.

The Footstool’s simplistic and elegant design is inspired from AKRacing’s current chair designs. It features the same durable PU leather upholstery and is adjustable in height; along with fully lockable wheels, so the footstool stays in place. It is available in 5 vibrant colours that will perfectly match your AKRacing chair.
Whether you are having lengthy gaming sessions/streams; watching movies/tv series in your rumpus room, or just want to put your feet up after a hard day’s work; AKRacing Footstools have got you covered.

AKRACING FOOTSTOOL Product Information




Available Now


White, Blue, Green, Orange and White

Free Shipping AUS Wide

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The AKRacing footstool is exclusive to

AKRacing Chairs can be found online at or at leading retailers: and

About AKRacing:

AKRacing have been in business since 2001 globally; as a real seat manufacturing company and first hit Australian shores in 2015; with sleek, ergonomic, and comfortable gaming/office chairs. They quickly becoming the popular choice for businesses, content creators, streamers, esport teams and Gaming Lounges. AKRacing has also worked along popular gaming powerhouses such as; Logitech and Ben Q to create custom design chairs for their offices; along with working with, Razer, MSI and Blizzard for giveaways and events.
At AKRacing they provide consumers with more than just a chair; AKRacing tries to provide consumers with a personable experience and fosters a positive online community; via their popular social media channels – twitter, Instagram and facebook; even before they own an AKRacing chair. AKRacing online is a hub for community spirit and welcomes all gamers, content creators, streamers, and teams; to get involved in day to day conversation.