AKRacing introduces new gaming chair at launch

AKRacing Australia is launching their new Arctica gamer’s chair on Day 1 here at  We’re beyond excited at being able to offer you the chance to win the very first Arctica gamer’s chair to land here in Australia. In fact, it’s so new, it’s not even here yet – but someone from the community will be the first to get their hand on one as part of our big launch!
We are lucky to have  AKRacing Australia’s Marketing  Manager Chiara Pagano (aka Cheech) join us in the studio.  Thanks for joining us Chiara. What’s new in the world of gaming chairs?
Cheech: What’s new is that we’re trying to help gamers lift their performances by giving them the best place to park their bums! We know gamers can stream for eight hours at a time. They deserve something special to sit on – and that’s our job. We care about gamers – we don’t want them to develop bad backs or bad posture. This is serious stuff in the office world, and it should be in the gaming world too.
So we’re launching our new Arctica chair – today!  It’s a luxe chair at a price that many gamers can afford. It looks great, has two great colour options, it’s very cool and it’s very comfortable. Anything that makes us perform better is welcome! Tell us more!
Cheech: We think it’s an awesome chair for an awesome price. We’ve deliberately priced it at AU$439 with free shipping within Australia, to make it super-affordable to many more gamers, and we think it looks great. It comes in two colour trim options – white and silver – and as I said, it’s got great back and hip support. The Arctica provides great support and comfort, has eye-catching style, and looks great on-camera. I have to admit I don’t think about my back or bum when I’m gaming!
Cheech: And you’re not alone! We  know people who game on wooden stools – how bad can that be? Great chairs help you focus on the game and the moment, to work with your team mates or obliterate your opponent without having to go to a chiropractor afterwards!
Chairs are a bit like shoes – you need to find ones that fit. And we think we’ve made something pretty special with our new Arctica chair.  Believe it or not, the two options will be number 42 and 43 in our catalogue, so we’re pretty confident we’ve got something for every gamer. We get that gamers want to buy kick-ass monitors and turbo-powered systems.  Now they can get a luxe chair too! We love it that you’re joining us on day one – thank you!
Cheech: We’re so excited by the concept, and this really was a no-brainer  for us. For a start, we love working with you guys, we trust that you have gamers’ best interests at heart, and we know you get the gaming business. We love engaging with our customers – it’s part of what we think makes us different – and we see that is going to be a great channel to help us reach more gamers. You’re creating an exciting new ecosystem that we think has been needed for a while, one that joins the gamers, potential sponsors, and supporters together.  It’s really important for us to be part of a likeminded community, those who are AKRacing owners. How important is it to deliver a new way for gamers, tech brands and other companies to meet and create something special built on mutual respect?
Cheech: I think it is  really important. Different gamers have different values, and these are important to each of us. is channelling those values in both directions – to those of us who provide products, and those of us who want to use cool stuff but do so on our terms. It’s an exciting new idea.
Thank you again to AKRacing for joining us on Day 1, and for providing a so-new-it’s-not here-yet Arctica gaming chair. They are taking advanced orders – go to their web site at
Win the first AK Racing Arctic gaming chair in Aus with

The winner will be announced here at on 9/9/17 and your Arctica chair will be shipped to you (free of charge) as soon as it hits the wharf at Botany Bay.