A Fever Dream Of Near Boundless Creativity

Dreams PS4 Review

What would you do with a blank slate to showcase your creativity? Would you craft a homage to your favourite game, put your own spin on a classic mechanic or build?

Dreams, developed by Media Molecule and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PS4 gives you the tools to explore your wildest ideas in a console friendly package suitable for all ages.

Billed as a ‘social network of creativity’, Dreams allows you to make games, animated shorts and small worlds to share. Each ‘player’ is provided with their own ‘Homespace’ which you can customise and fill with your own creations. The ‘Dream Queen’s imp’ is on hand here to explore quests which act as a tutorial of sorts for the game engine and physics.

Once settled in, you are provided with two primary options, Dream Surfing and/or Dream Shaping






Dream surfing is a community hub filled with wondrous and popular creations from other players. From here you can search for specific types of experiences, explore categories and find popular experiences of the day, week or month.

Within minutes I was freely exploring some absolutely fascinating creative experiences. As each experience is utilising the same engine, loading was near non-existent and it was a near seamless experience to jump from one to the other. My personal favourite was Ruckus – Just another Natural Disaster, a cutesy Kaiju simulator which pits your adorable Kaiju against a small seaside city ripe for destruction.

Within minutes I had left this experience and jumped into a full-fledged Rally simulator. Shortly after I started a ‘Dwight’ Simulator, walking around a room as our favourite Office character.



The level of creativity on display within the Dreamsurfing community is staggering. I mean heck, someone has even recreated Fallout 4! Various content creators are highlighted, as well as fan favourites daily. It is clear that this social network of creativity will be a vibrant and ever-changing hub with plenty of concepts to explore and be marvelled by.

Dream Shaping is the core of the Dreams experience and the way in which all experiences within Dreams are created. Whilst it would be cliche to state that you’re bound only by your creativity, it is exhilarating to have a fully fleshed out game engine packaged within a friendly user interface to explore.

Users can Dualshock controllers, Dualshock motion sensor function and/or PSVR motion controllers, all of which feel natural and intuitive to use.

Whilst slightly intimidating initially, the inbuilt tutorials provide a natural path of exploration and education on the tools available. At no point did I feel restricted by the various tools or user interface. My limit was truly my imagination.

If a blank slate is too intimidating, Dreams provides a variety of options to assist creativity, such as community jams and the ability to freely share content, assets and genealogy of your published creations. Dreams state that a culture of collaboration is that the very core of what makes Dreams special. This culture can be assessed online also via, where users can explore creations and sync their profile content.

If you’ve ever had a creative itch that’s required scratching, felt you could create a fun game or simply want a blank canvas to explore your digital creativity in a safe, easy to use game engine, Dreams is a must purchase title. The social network of creativity is teeming with brilliant content creators who are sharing what could easily be some must watch concepts and games.

If you would like to check out Dreams, visit the PS4 store, or their website for more information!

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