67% of New Zealanders game and play for 85 minutes on average daily

The latest Digital New Zealand 2018 report is produced by the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association together with Bond University. It is one of several the reports that provide a snapshot of local gamers.
New Zealand has a strong contingency of gamers with 67% of the population playing video games and nearly all homes have video games: 98% of households with children have video games, 94% without children have video games.
Most gamers are young either children or young adults. With 63% of working age adults playing games, it’s no surprise that the average age for a gamer in New Zealand according to the report is 34 years old. Over the last 6 years, the proportion of female gamers in New Zealand has stayed steady between 47% and 48%.
On average, New Zealanders play for 85 minutes daily (this number includes both in-depth and casual play). The most popular gaming session for in-depth gameplay is 1 hour daily. For casual players, the most preferred amount of play is 10 minutes, twice a day.
Since 2013, there’s been growth in New Zealanders using mobile phones and tablets for gaming. The report suggests that this increase is due to the preference for all-in-one devices. Considering the ubiquity of smartphones, people are expecting to be able to consume media, communicate on the go and be entertained by the phones they carry almost 24/7. This increasing trend toward mobile gaming is something we’ve covered previously with the mobile gaming market expected to generate US$46.1 billion in just 2017.
Source: DNZ18 Report