How 4000 Realm of the Mad God players got hacked.

How nearly 4000 Realm of the Mad God players got hacked.

Today, the Realm of the Mad God community was split into half. Half the community celebrated and half logged on to realise their guildies, friends or themselves without any characters. 3700+ to be exact.
As the Month of the Mad God (MotMG) update came, destroying all hacked clients for a few days, hackers easily refreshed forums and websites, waiting for their favourite hacks to be back on the market for them to use. One client is generally known to be the safest client to use and has a fantastic track record of keeping people from dying in the permadeath game. Crazy Client.

What did they do to the Realm of the Mad God cheaters?

Crazy Client has been around in the Realm community for years, it’s probably one of the faster clients to be updated as soon as the new patch/update rolls around. As hackers refreshed MPGH and saw that Crazy Client was available, nearly 4000 people rushed to download the client, some huge name players as well. After a few hours passed and the person who made infected cheat thought he had the majority of the hacking player base he executed his master-plan.
The hacker and presumably a few others, logged on to the cheater’s accounts, forming suiciding multi-boxes and spam bots advertising websites. Thousands of fully maxed characters were lost in a matter of seconds, pets were released, items disappeared and many being permanently banned from some of the most respected guilds and Discord servers in the game.
A statement was made on behalf of MPGH after the incident;mpgh
MPGH is regarded as one of the safest places to download cheats for every game. Admins scan through every file thoroughly until they are confident that the file is safe, but it doesn’t always work. This absolute disaster goes to show how unsafe hacking actually is. Is it really worth losing hundreds of hours on a character so you can get rid of something that creates the whole feel of the game(such as auto-nexus or auto-spell)?
The hacker also released a list of every single person who downloaded the cheat. We won’t list it here but it is pretty publicly available.

Still working on editing all the footage I got, but here’s a short clip of what the keylogger guy did today from RotMG