There are only 3 days left of Games Done Quick so get on it… quick!

The much anticipated Games Done Quick is approaching quickly. The schedule for this event looks awesome. It’s packed full of games that are going to be amazing to watch.
Games Done Quick this year is taking place in Herndon, VA over January 7th to January 14th. This year, they will be supporting the “Prevent Cancer Foundation”.

What is Games Done Quick?

Don’t know what Games Done Quick is? It’s a live stream that the Speedrunning community has come together to create. The event features leading members of many communities from Pokémon to Crash Bandicoot. Everyone races against the clock to compete for a world record time. All of this while raising money for charities including “Doctors Without Borders” and the “Prevent Cancer Foundation”.
Raising over 12 million dollars for charity, Games Done Quick is always one of the most viewed streaming marathons of the year.
The schedule this year can be found here: and the Twitch stream for this event is live streamed on twitch at
I will definitely be watching, hope to see you all there!