2K announces WWE 2K Battlegrounds

So, let’s start with the most exciting part of this: New game! WWE 2K Battlegrounds is the latest entry in the series, but acts as more of a spinoff than a main WWE 2K game. 2K is billing it as an arcade style game, focused on an easy to pick up and play experience, with a high skill ceiling for veterans of the series who are looking for a challenge.
Saber Interactive is going to be handling it, who previously handled NBA 2K Playgrounds, with the game set to launch in Spring.

Even the art style and the huge crocodile waiting to eat any wrestler unlucky enough to fall out of the ring shows that this is absolutely a less serious, more fun and arcadey take on the game. Or, it could be super accurate to wrestling, I don’t know, I haven’t watched any in years. I think these proportions and stuff are pretty accurate.
2K also addressed the less than stellar reception of WWE 2K20. Which is to say, it was a tipping point that proved we’re all kind of tired of it at this point. So, with all that in mind, they’ve announced there will be no WWE 2K game released for 2020, with everyone heading back to the drawing board to figure out how to make the best WWE 2K experience that they can provide to dedicated players.
Patrick Gilmore has been brought on as executive producer and is set to lead efforts at developer Visual Concepts, with more news about the future of the series and what’s coming next in the months to come.