Starling Games’ ∅: Fear Nothing is on Kickstarter… RUN!

∅ : Fear Nothing is a 1 vs. all hidden movement game of sci-fi horror! Play as a group of science students stranded on a failing space station, trying to hunt down the… creature that is terrorizing the station. That is, before it finds you first!

Through a mix of tactical movement and deduction, ∅ : Fear Nothing offers immersive tension, cutthroat decisions, and gripping player interaction.

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Left for dead, three young students fight for their lives against an unknown entity. The creature, if that is what it is, seems to learn and evolve to counter their every move. They must hunt it down and destroy it before it finds them first.
∅ : Fear Nothing is a hidden movement, deduction, and combat game for 2-4 players. Players in this game are divided into 2 teams. One player is the Creature, while the other players are the Students. The goal of each team is to eliminate the other by depleting their health pool. Students share a collective health pool.
The creature needs to feed to stay alive, either on the fuel or the students themselves. The students will be working to destroy the creature’s fuel sources, and to damage it with improvised weapons like traps and stun batons. The students have cards with abilities on them that let them and attack or take other actions. However, when they use one of these actions, they must give the card to the creature. The cards have inverse abilities for the creature that will give it new powers, like Possess or Teleport. If the creature gets enough cards, it will also be able to evolve and develop even more powerful abilities. The game ends when the health pool for either the creature or the students is depleted.

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