Looking back on the H1Z1 competitive scene in ANZ

Player Unknown Battlegrounds has taken the world and the gaming community by storm, this definitely has not taken away how competitive and tight knit the H1Z1 community is.

We have seen a lot of posts about H1Z1 and whether Daybreak will be able to keep up with PUBG. After a few awesome updates we believe they are back on track and making incredible progress.

PUBG vs H1Z1 has been going on for a while now and will probably continue to happen. Putting that aside for a minute, we have been contacted by a guy called @Buucky__, he is a H1Z1 analyst for @Deadsetgg. He has an amazing piece around the ANZ competitive H1Z1 scene, where they are at currently, who is involved and what their plans for the future are. It is a really interesting and insightful piece.

In an article done by @Buucky__ from @Deadsetgg he says this:

With the AU/NZ competitive scene about to switch over to private servers and some big changes happening in the game I thought now would be a good time to give an update on the scene. Back in June, Demize wrote an excellent article that serves as an intro to the teams that can be found HERE. Since then there has been a lot of roster changes and developments within the community so I thought I would give my own run down on the ANZ H1Z1 competitive 5’s scene.


Harry and Prevoqe, supported by their dedicated group of moderators have put in an incredible amount of time and effort to establish the thriving competitive scene that we have today. Splitting the teams up into 2 divisions (with a third division currently being added) gave us all the chance to compete against teams of matching skill level and establish which teams are the best. Now that we have had a few months of competition and the teams have settled in here is my own look back on the ANZ competitive 5s teams.


(Listed team rosters are not necessarily current. Shown rosters are a mix of players with the most time in the team and most influential players in the team over the course of scrims to this date.)


The three top dogs in the scrims scene right now are Trident eSports, Tainted Minds and Control. All 3 teams have consistently performed well and have established themselves as the clear leaders. The results we have seen so far show us that it takes more than just having a team of good shots to win. We have very highly skilled players on teams that aren’t winning. And teams with average skilled players getting wins.


There is a lot of factors that determine success in scrims, here are a few I would like to focus on:

  1. Teamwork.


  1. Individual skill


  1. A bit of luck


The level of skill of each individual and how well they are able to function as part of a team will determine how much the team is able to capitalize on their luck in any given game. We often see endgame situations where one team will be in a great spot with a clear advantage then they get unlucky and have the safe zone move and force them into a bad position.

Sometimes the best players in the game get wiped very early on simply due getting a bad spawn or bad luck with their loot.


It is when a good team gets a little bit of good luck, then capitalise on that luck that we see the epic games that have us all on the edge of our seats. Hazy vs Sycaz in the 1v1 with the shottys. Control with a nasty head glitch wiping Vox as they pushed the side of the mountain. The games that get your heart racing that reminds us all why we love to compete.


So let’s take a look a deeper look at the top teams in Division 1.


@Buucky__ does go into further detail and even breaks down each team individually to give you a better understanding of how they work and how they fit into the big picture. If you were wanting to check out the rest of the article, head to http://dedset.gg/articles/news/gaming/20/a-look-back-on-the-anz-competitive-h1z1-scene/

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