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Xbox Lunar New Year Controllers

Xbox have announced controller designs inspired by Chinese Legends and Royalty

Microsoft are celebrating Chinese New Year with a release of limited edition controller designs celebrating 2019 Year Of The Pig.

2019 is the Year Of The Pig within the Chinese zodiac. Pig is the twelve in the twelve year cycle of Chinese zodiac signs.

The Pig has many personality traits and characteristics. It is not thought to be a smart animal, likes sleeping and becomes fat (sounds a bit like me tbh).

Microsoft descriptions via official release are as follows.

City Wall: Designed in the same colours as the rich red of the palace in the Forbidden City in Beijing, this design resembles the traditional architectural design of China’s most historic and magnificent buildings from ancient times, inspiring bold play by gamers who select this iconic design


Sacred Beasts: Long before Daenerys Targaryen emerged as the mother of dragons, for centuries Chinese legends told stories of dragons and lions, “Sacred Beasts” who were guardians of the Imperial family. With this controller design incorporating the lion – which guards the palace – inspiring gamers to initiate a strong and strategic defense in any gameplay attack.


The Emperor: Rich golden yellows are the finest of colours for royalty in the East. The golden colours of the Emperor Controller design include traditional art that gives the player a look fit for royalty.



Whilst the Pig might not like to stand out in a crowd, we reckon you’ll grab plenty of attention using these awesome looking skins.

Unfortunately, the limited edition controller skins are available in China only via selected retail partners and Xbox China on Weibo.

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