The Tale of Ord – The Tabletop Narrative Puzzle Adventure you need to play

You are a private investigator tasked with finding two missing professors from the Emerens Institute; but when information is uncovered about a mysterious relic found by an archaeological team. You have the opportunity to change the course of destiny.

Through four packages with an assortment of notes, articles, drawings, and strange artefacts. You set out on a journey to explore the supernatural forces of Norse mythology, attempting to learn the meaning of mysterious symbols as you progress through different puzzles and begin to unravel the secrets of fate and time.

After speaking to PostCurious about their game, The Tale of Ord. I was excited by their excitement. I could tell this was a real passion project but I also had a few reservations. As it was sold as a tabletop puzzler that was part RPG, part Escape room and all blended with a supernatural Norse mythology theme. That is a lot of different things to try and blend together in a cohesive fashion. Not to mention, keeping it fun and not get boring and bogged down in information.
PostCurious has done an amazing job of pacing in The Tale of Ord and is all about the journey. As someone that has played RPG since I was 10, I love the storytelling of them. The difference between a good and great Dungeon Master is pacing. Knowing how and when to give the information, when to hold back and PostCurious have knocked the pacing of The Tale of Ord out of the park.


The Tale of Ord
The Tale of Ord is delivered in a white box about the size of an A4 envelope and about 4 inches thick. It was actually a little underwhelming to be honest. Inside were 4 beautiful labelled with Viking style writing; plain A4 envelopes of different thickness. And that is the game that claims to run 3 to 4 hours per part / envelope.
I can’t go into details about the contain, but there is a mixture of letters and books which helps set the scene and drive the narrative. Along with several other special items in each part; It is these that give that escape room element.
To play this game you will also require and internet connection.


Though I can’t go into the game play too much, as spoiling this game would be criminal. But Tale of Ord guides you through the events of finding these missing professors. The in-depth story sucks you in, in a way I have only experience with some of the best and most experience Role Playing Game Masters. It is actually incredible how well the story flows and engaged it is, without a person there to guide you back on story or speed or slow down the game play.
You add in the props and it gives you the story additional depth and adds a tactile element like an escape room. These props aren’t just in game for padding or to make it look pretty. These props play a really exciting and major part of the story.
PostCurious have truly down an amazing job of not just creating an exciting story, but keep the story interesting and engaging for 12-16 hours.

Tale of Ord
Tale of Ord Part 1 sneak peek

Getting Stuck

I would love to say, we played all 4 parts and never got stuck. And normally in an RPG or Escape room you have someone there to nod you in the right direction. So what happened when we got a little stuck in part 2?
Well first we argued, then rechecked everything. Then we sucked up our pride and went online to the supplied web address to get some helpful hints and find where we got stuck. It has been really cleverly handled, as you can only see hints and tips from the part you are on. So you won’t be ruin the experience of future parts.
Also online is a recap of the previous part. Which is a great little touch, as it was 6 weeks between part 2 and 3. Personally I recommend reading these recaps, as it just refreshes your memories and sometimes there are little tid bits you have missed on the previous session. Worst case, you waste 10 minutes reading.

Final thoughts

The Tale of Ord excited me when I first heard about it. I love escape rooms and RPG, but combining the two could very easily gone horrible wrong; or overdeveloped it and made it so educational or so difficult it is no longer fun.
Yet The Tale of Ord is not any of those things. It is truly one of the greatest experiences I have ever had playing a game. The theme is amazing, it is in-depth, challenging and you learn a lot. The story flows beautifully and sucks you in and the game play is quite frankly, Incredible. I’m actually heartbroken I can’t play it again with more people.
If I was PostCurious, I would start thinking about expanding the brand. Making a Egyptian or Babylonian one, would be so excited to play more games like this.
If you only buy one game from my review, I would highly recommend the Tale of Ord. This game is limited to 500 pieces and once its gone. If you would like to get your hands on your copy of the Tale of Ord, head to PostCurious’ website here.