Starlight Charity set to launch ‘Game Changers’ in August


Game Changers is coming back for its third year and is looking to be bigger and better than ever. What is Game Changers, some of you may ask?
Game Changers is a charity initiative by Starlight Children’s Foundation, in collaboration with EB Games and Twitch, which runs from August 13-30 and aims to raise over $136,500 for sick kids who need a bit of relief. So basically, why would you not sign up, donate, or get involved somehow with it, right? Sick kids! Charity!
That might sound like a lot of money, but the first two events have raised a combined total of almost $200,000. So with this year aiming to be the biggest and best yet, it’s definitely an achievable goal, especially with the amazing streamers already on board. Heck, I just checked the website and for a program that isn’t even officially launched yet? They have over $6,000, so this is clearly your chance to get in on the ground floor of something big (and did I mention it was for charity? And sick kids?).
Starlight’s Partnerships Manager, Tracey Tomlin, could not be more excited about the prospect. She also offers a little insight on just how much this money means, and how it’s used:

Every minute of every day, a child is admitted to hospital in Australia. Now more than ever, sick and
hospitalised kids need fun and positive distraction to help them cope with the loneliness and fear they are
Game Changers who fundraise $39 will give one seriously ill child access to our vital hospital services,
including the Starlight Express Room. It’s a place for children to get down to the serious business of having fun
playing their favourite videos games or doing arts and crafts with Captain Starlight. Because happiness

That’s amazing! There’s so many awful things in the world and video games, as well as Starlight, are here to make them a little bit easier for these poor kids.
So. With all that said, how does one get involved?
Just head to the Game Changers website and sign up!
All you need to do is set a fundraising goal for yourself and then go wild and stream some video games on Twitch during the Game Changers initiative in August! From here, you could potentially be rewarded with all kinds of cool prizes, Game Changers merch and, of course, swag. We all love swag. There’s no PAX this year so take your swag where you can get it.
There’s also VIP experiences on offer for the top fundraisers and even a wildcard experience for one lucky streamer! Heck, there’s even a whole leaderboard on the website so you can check out who’s raising the most money at any given time.
So if charity alone isn’t enough of an incentive for you (in which case I am giving you a stink eye), there’s also prizes! Wow!
Not to mention you’ll be in great company, with’s very own Jack Huddo as one of the registered streamers. So if you aren’t streaming, go and support him and give him all your money so he can give it to sick kids, because he’s very good at it.