Is the Resident Evil 2 remake launch on the way?

Way back in 2015, Capcom announced that it would finally be remaking the iconic Resident Evil 2. As a huge fan of the franchise. Personally, this got me very excited!

The first announcement

Check it out if you missed the original announcement:

Fast forward to 2018 and we are yet to hear anything more about this project.

Possible Resident Evil 2 hint from Capcom?

However that may be about to change, or I’m looking into this too much…
Capcom has just updated it’s resident Evil social media profile images to this:
Resident Evil 2
Fans of the franchise will recognise that this font. The font is the very same used by Capcom in the original games. From Resident Evil one, some branding for Resident Evil 2 to Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Also, the terrible offshoot games that came out at the same time.
With all the DLC finally out for Resident Evil 7 the time is perfect to fill that lull between current gen games with an HD return to Racoon City!