Why you should play Rainbow Six: Siege this weekend

Rainbow Six: Siege is doing something special this weekend. If you haven’t already played the game then you’ve got a chance to now!
Rainbow Six: Siege is an FPS by Ubisoft that focuses on tactical competition between two teams. Think offence/defence, bomb defusing and a whole lot of fun. It’s also a popular game in esports.
Now is a good time to try the game out because Ubisoft is running a Rainbow Six: Siege Free Weekend this weekend! All content will be available: maps, modes, Operators.

You heard that right, a free weekend of Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six: Siege Free Weekend Screenshot
Rainbox Six: Siege is going to have a Free Weekend this weekend.

As you can see from the screenshot, it won’t just be for PC. You can try out the game for free all weekend on PS4 as well. Mind you, you’ll need an Xbox Gold Live Subscription for Xbox.

The dates and times for the Rainbow Six Free Weekend

For Asia & Oceania, these are the following times for each platform:

  • PS4: 16th November, 11 pm AEST to 19th November, 11 pm AEST
  • Xbox One: 16th November, 6 pm AEST to 19th November, 6 pm AEST
  • PC: 17th November, 3 am AEST to 20th November, 6 am AEST

What do I do once the weekend is over?

Well, if you go ahead and buy the game, your progression will transfer over. And then, to sweeten the deal, you can grab the game for 50% off for a limited time after the Free Weekend is over. Woohoo!
Images: Ubisoft