Designing a Tabletop Game, you need to Check Out PAX Collaboratory!

Is your life an ungodly maelstrom of white paper, scribbled notes and cardsleeves? Are you unfathomably excited when you discover the perfect meeple? Are your statblocks like unto the stones used to craft the Pyramids of Giza?


We want to share your creations with the world! If you’re designing a tabletop game; whether that’s a board game, a card game, or an RPG; we have the village at the foot of castle ready for you to unleash your Frankenstein.


Yes, we know Frankenstein was the doctor. Just go with it. And say hello to PAX Collaboratory!

PAX Collaboratory is a brand new space at PAX Aus dedicated to unreleased tabletop games. If you’re a designer with an unpublished tabletop game; and you’re ready to unveil your promethean labours to the world; join PAX Collaboratory!

Here’s the deal:

If you’re making a board game, card game or RPG that you want to playtest with the public at PAX Aus; fill out this submission form with your game details and your availability at the show. If you’re selected to be a part of PAX Collaboratory, you’ll get a table and some valuable time to playtest your game with PAX attendees!

Additional info:

  • Any participants invited to run playtests as part of Collaboratory will be given two passes to PAX Aus. Please make sure one of these people is your contact!
  • Your game doesn’t need final art. Early prototypes, even if it’s handwriting on cardboard, is totally fine.
  • PAX Collaboratory is strictly for in-development games. Games currently for sale will not be considered, and the space itself won’t allow any retailing.
  • You may submit multiple games but must complete the form for each individual game.
  • Your game and demo times will be included on the PAX Collaboratory schedule online.
  • Any custom feedback forms for use in the space are totally welcome.

How to apply

Apply here