Ion Fury heading to consoles

Old school FPS action coming May 14

Ion Fury was an ode to classic FPS, right down to being made in the Build engine. Players take the role of Shelly ‘Bombshell’ Harrison as she blasts through cyber-cultists, or something, the other cool part about it is what she does doesn’t matter as much as how she does it. Which is very well, with modern design principles applied to classic engines, meaning you get something pretty fun.

This means it has all the modern FPS elements like headshots, silky smooth 60FPS, widescreen support, auto-saves, improved physics and interactive levels.

So, when is it happening? May 14th! Soon! That’s for digital versions at least, which will be releasing on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. But, fear not for those of you out there that prefer physical collections, a worldwide physical release will be hitting shelves June 26.

Can’t wait until then? Well, there’s always the PC version, which is available right now across Steam, GOG and the 3D Realms website!


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