Not at IEM Sydney? Here’s how to follow the action

So, you weren’t able to make it to IEM Sydney this year 🙁 School or work or something else is stopping you from getting in on the action… or is it? You can still catch plenty of action online! Here’s how.

News? Event info? Cool stuff?

Well, if you’re reading this, you’re doing it! We’ve got the team covering IEM all weekend. So, keep an eye on the site for all your IEM Sydney needs.
You’ll also enjoy our Live Blog which you can find here where we’ll be posting about the matches.
Here is some of the stuff we’ve got so far:

All the social

Even if you can’t be there in person, you can always live vicariously through our social posts. The team will be posting cool photos, videos and then some to the following:


As the title suggests, IEM has their own custom site for watching all of the matches. This one’s got a few extra bells and whistles like scores from past matches and the current standings. You can also click on the Streams menu to select other ESL streams across various services like Mixer, Twitch, etc.


Watch live video from ESL_CSGO on
Watch live video from ESL_CSGOb on


Where did Group B go on Mixer? I’m not entirely sure ????


If YouTube tickles your fancy, you can watch the previous matches very easily as well as catch the most current matches live here: