Only 24 hours to Get the Hexagon and Hexa Dice Bags

If you are anything like me, you have dice all over your house. This become more more obvious since recently moving house. I found Magic the Gathering dice, Wargaming dice and Sets of Role Playing dice; I am now the proud owner of a shoe box full of dice. 
But is a shoe box really the solution to keep your dice? 

The Team at Good More has a much better solution for us to check out; may I introduce the Dice Bag Hexagon & Hexa.

It’s a newly design bag for your precious dice set. These dice bags are specially made for carrying your favorite gaming dice safely and stylishly. They comes in seven color designs and more will be available to choose from when the campaign is fully funded!

Dice Bag Hexagon

The bag will be 5” (approx 12.8cm), high quality PU leather with an alloy clip and metal D ring. The bag can fit one to two sets of dice (Approx 14 dice). Each bag comes with a removable leather strap with a special design metal plate sign: D20, Unicorn, Dragon and Cthulhu.

Like me and need to hold more dice?

They have another perfect solution for you, their Dice Bag Hexa model. A bigger size dice bag holds over 22 sets or more of dice.
dice bag hexa dice bag hexa dice bag hexa dice bag hexa

Product description:

  • Hold a Ton of Dice – The Bag will hold 22 sets dice or more!
  • Velvet Material exterior – Soft-touch feel on the hands
  • Stain Interior Material – Smooth fabric in color
  • Padded Base – Stands firm and wide open on the table to grab dice easily!
  • Closes Tight by Zipper – Never spill your dice everywhere!
  • Carrying Handle – Easy carrying!

Dice Bag Hexagon and Hexa are the prefect gift for all lovers of board games & RPGs. So get yours from Kickstarter here

dice bag hexa