‘Chorus’ From Summerfall Studios Reaches Funding Goal

One of the most hyped upcoming games out of Australia in recent years is Chorus from Summerfall Studios, and it’s not even out yet! Last night, however, it got one huge step closer to the whole ‘being out’ thing in reaching its funding goal of $600,000USD and then some! In total, it hit just over $690,000USD when it closed, nearly reaching its second stretch goal in the process (maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll throw it in anyway?).

For those who don’t know what Chorus is, it’s brought to you by some absolutely amazing talent locally and abroad. David Gaider (of Bioware fame) and local lad Liam Esler head the studio, with all kinds of talent joining them in the process, such as voice actor’s extraordinaire Troy Baker and Laura Bailey. In short: This thing is overflowing with talent.
The game itself is going to be a sort of interactive musical adventure, with players allowed to actively take part in how the musical numbers play out. Players can befriend and/or romance a hugely diverse cast while also enjoying a bunch of, what I can only assume, will be amazingly written pieces of music. Instead of your regular dialogue choice outing, instead, you sing your choices that will have an impact on the story. Do you play nice? Do you play it smart? Or do you strongarm your way into what you want?
It’s entirely up to you to choose how you sing your way in and out of situations. You know, like you do in the shower on a regular basis, where you have entire arguments that will never happen and you also kind of sing them because you’re in the shower and no one can hear you, because this is a normal thing we all do and I am 100% not alone in this.
If you wanted to get a better idea of just how it’s going to play, a short proof of concept has been released allowing players to get hands on with the musical adventure. You can check it out here.
You can also check out more about the game on its page right here.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be practising singing in the shower until this releases.