Youtuber Tyler Oliveira, has his ‘Big Chungus’ Xbox One eBay listing removed!

After hitting over $90,000USD, eBay removes the auction.

Youtuber Tyler Oliveira posted an eBay listing for his beloved ‘Big Chungus’ game for the Xbox One following the viral video posted to his youtube channel on January 2nd 2019. The limited edition game started off at a bid of only 1 cent but quickly skyrocketed to an insane $90,000 USD.

Today, we come to find out that eBay tragically removed the listing for the highly sought after, Big Chungus Xbox Edition.

In the video posted to his channel earlier in the month, he tries to approach GameStop to buy his copy of the game. Met with someone who understood the meme, he was ready to walk away empty-handed, but the saint, who goes by the name on twitter ‘DeleteNero‘ bought the PS4 copy of the game for a mere $10.

In the thumbnail of Tylers newest video, “I sold “Big Chungus” on eBay for $90,000 😂” we can also see that the bids are up to $90,000, he also talks about how the bidding is coming to an end, but here’s where the sad part comes in.

When an item is sold on eBay, you can still look up the item through ticking the Sold Items and the Completed Items check boxes. Through looking around the finished auctions, Tylers $90,000 Big Chungus game is nowhere to be found.  You can do the same on the Auctioneers profile, neither of these places shows the game.

Tyler is yet to make a public statement on the tragedy unfolding today. Maybe I am wrong and Big Chungus is in the hands of a MemeLord Billionaire, but until then we will never know.


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