Holy s*** World of Tanks in space + free loot just for today

World of Tanks is hosting an event to celebrate International Day of Human Space Flight. Of course, to celebrate, they’ve got a message for you… from space! (Plus, some free loot).
Happy International Day of Human Space Flight everyone! If you’re a World of Tanks fan and you play today, you can get your hands on a special Stellar Bonus. More information on this below:

Firstly, a message from space

In some amazing turn of events, World of Tanks somehow got their t-shirts on Oleg Artemyev and Anton Shkaplerov.

What’s in the Stellar Bonus?

  • +100% combat XP personal reserve (1 hour)
  • +300% crew XP personal reserve (1 hour)
  • +300% free XP personal reserve (1 hour)
  • +50% credits personal reserve (1 hour)

When can I get World of Tanks loot?

You can grab the Stellar Bonus between today, the 12th of April 3 pm (AEST) until the 13th of April 3 pm (AEST).