Wargaming Alliance Signs Publishing Deal with Mad Head Games

Wargaming Alliance, Wargaming’s third-party publishing unit. They announced today it will be publishing a new game developed by Serbian-based game developer Mad Head Games.

Founded in 2011 and with offices in Belgrade and Novi Sad; Mad Head Games has become a powerhouse in the casual adventure game genre. Their 141-strong studio has released 36 titles in the hidden object puzzle adventure mold and are ready to step up to their next challenge. A natural fit due to both studios’ player-centric design ethos. Mad Head Games stood out from over 100 developers who had submitted their projects to Wargaming Alliance through 2017.

Mad Head Games - crew photo
Photo of Mad Head Games staff

“Mad Head Games is truly one of the most passionate and energized development teams; I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I’m excited to welcome them to the Alliance; and partner closely on bringing their new unannounced title to the Wargaming portfolio.”

said Jerry Prochazka, Head of Wargaming Alliance.

“After years spent in the casual industry, we decided to pivot; go back to our hardcore roots and start making games we grew up on. After crossing paths with Wargaming; we understood that we had met someone who shared our vision and passion. They were willing to help us make something ambitious and truly extraordinary.”

said Nenad Tomić, CEO at Mad Head Games.

As part of the agreement, the Wargaming Alliance team will provide key publishing services, from customer support to marketing and community management, as well as ensure physical presence in all target markets with tailored approach to local audiences.

About Wargaming Alliance

Wargaming Alliance is an organizational unit within Wargaming that provides a single entry point for all third-party companies seeking to publish their PC and console products. They styles itself as the go-to solution for established and newer developers who want to take their online Games-as-a-Service (GaaS) project to the next level.

 Wargaming Alliance is actively looking for new, innovative products within the GaaS sphere to expand their exciting portfolio. Partners benefit from the unit’s unique expertise of the GaaS market, transparent partnerships, the knowledge to break into the global arena, and a team that not only has worldwide expertise, but a physical presence in key markets.

 With a team of seasoned specialists, backed by years of experience, Wargaming Alliance unlocks a project’s potential by cultivating an environment where developers are free to focus on their game and give it the boost it needs to become a success.

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About Mad Head Games

Mad Head Games is one of the pioneers of game development in Serbia. Founded in 2011, it quickly grew to become an industry leader, blazing the trail for all up-and-coming domestic game developers.

The company is known for its innovative approach to casual adventure games; and after years of consecutive successes, it is expanding into new genres.

Mad Head Games just announced a cooperation with Wargaming Alliance who are publishing the studio’s upcoming game.

The recipe for the company’s breakthrough into the global arena is Mad Head Games’ creativity and constant desire for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.  Paired with Wargaming’s immeasurable development and production experience.

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