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“The work that we’ve been able to accomplish with the help of has been incredible.

Both as a trusted consultant in the gaming landscape and a high-performing marketing agency, have delivered numerous best-in-class activations that have introduced our artists and music to new and exciting new fan bases. 

We’re always impressed with the creativity and enthusiasm that comes with’s campaigns and we look forward to working with them on many future projects”

Dan Ellis – Head Of Marketing at Warner Music Australia





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Warner Music was looking to build hype for Skrillex’s new single “Midnight Hour” under strict confidentiality until the release date

Skrillex is a world-renowned electronic dance music (EDM) producer, and his fans are extremely passionate.

The Challenge

Any information about a new release from Skrillex is highly sought-after, and it can be difficult to build anticipation for a single without giving away too much.

If you reveal too much information about a new single, it can spoil the surprise for fans. However, if you don’t reveal enough information, you may not generate enough excitement. 

This was a delicate balance that & Warner Music had to carefully navigate when building hype for Skrillex’s new single.

The Solution came up with a creative solution to this problem. We engaged four streamers in ANZ to stream as usual for four days while a “hack” attempted to take over their stream. 

The streamers were instructed to act as if they were being hacked, and they were even given fake instructions to follow. This created a sense of excitement and suspense among the streamers’ viewers, who were eager to see what would happen next.

On the fourth day, the “hack” was revealed to be a promotion for Skrillex’s new single “Midnight Hour.” The single was released shortly after, and it was a huge success.

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