Seren Godbow, bobbleheads, Hellion Auras and much more!

A new set of patches is released weekly across Runescape 3. It is amazing how much Jagex keep up with updates across new and old school Runescape.

Let’s jump in and see exactly what updates they have made this week.
1: Boosted the attack range of the Seren godbow to 9

2: The grapple tree south of the poison waste spirit tree will now correctly work with the toolbelted grappling hook.

3: Rise of the Six bobbleheads now correctly show kill count for other players.

4: The Hellion Aura has been added to the Aura Management system. The reset mechanic for auras has been updated to now include both the Hellion Aura’s reset and Soul Reaper Reward Refresh Auras as part of the Aura Management system.

5: Checking charges on the slayer helm now mentions teleports that are available to Morvran if the requirements are met.

6: The level 110 combat requirement from Dominion tower and dreadnips has been removed and is now a recommended combat level when talking to the Strange face.

There are a tonne more patch notes on the forum besides the super notable ones above, if you would like to read more head to:,16,929,66003838

Use the quick find code: 15-16-929-66003838