Runescape updates: Shop stock changes, greegree updates and more

A new set of patches is released weekly across Runescape 3. It’s amazing how much Jagex keep up with updates. Check out the latest patch notes here. 
Let’s jump in and see exactly what updates they have made this week.

1: Greegree updates

Greegrees can now be combined by using one on another. The new Swap option can then be used to swap a greegree for any that have been consumed.
Runescape Screenshot

2: Slayer monster soul changes

The increased chance of catching a Slayer monster’s soul using an ushabti has been changed from requiring 200m XP to requiring level 120 Slayer.
Runescape Screenshot

3: Quest length

All quests now display their length in the quest overview screen and when hovering their quest start icon on the world map.
Runescape Screenshot

4: Onslaught timer

A counter has been added for Onslaught which tracks each time it increments.
Runescape Screenshot

5: Linza armour drop rate

The Linza armour drop rate from Barrows has been increased from 1/512 to 1/192.
Runescape Screenshot

6: Shop stock changes

  • Bob’s Brilliant Axes now sells battleaxes and throwing axes (including off-hands), pickaxes and hatchets up to T40.
  • Daga’s Scimitar Smithy in Ape Atoll now sells off-hand scimitars up to T60.
  • Oziach’s rune shop now sells rune platebody, blue dragonhide body, and mystic robe top (instead of rune platebody and green dragonhide body) to accurately reflect the equipment unlocked by the Dragon Slayer quest.

Runescape Screenshot
Runescape Screenshot
Runescape Screenshot

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