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New Zealanders are reporting EPIC $1 deals at local EB Games stores

Nothing beats finding that game you never got around to buying a few months ago on special at your local mall. The feeling of justice that while you missed out on the initial hype, you didn’t spend a ridiculous amount of money to be on said hype train.

But when you find that game priced at a shockingly low price of $1, even better!

This is currently happening across New Zealand with gamers online sharing their awesome deals from their local EB Games stores, and we are not talking about rubbish games either. Wayne Annett and James Merrit have both shared their deals including Dishonored 2 Limited Edition, WWE 2K17 NXT Edition, Prey and more:

We are yet to confirm whether these deals are available across the entire NZ franchise or in Australia at all. If you have found any deals like this please let us know on twitter! @GotoGame 


An anonymous EB Games employee has confirmed this is a nationwide promotion so get to your local NZ EB Games store before the deals are gone!

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